Wednesday 3 May 2023

It's Never Ending Catheter problems

 Lucy has had a catheter for nearly 8 months now. The district nurse comes every month to check her and she has the catheter changed every 12 weeks. After the first change she had problems and we had to call the district nurse out. The catheter was leaking and she was in pain. The nurse managed to sort it out without having to change the catheter and a visit to the GP got her some medication to stop her bladder from having spasms. 

After the second change things were okay for a day or two. Then one night I found Lucy crying in the toilet. The catheter had come out completely and Lucy was desperate to go but couldn't. Her bladder was already full to maximum and she was in pain. It was 1am and I didn't know what to do. Her district nurse had a 24 hour emergency number in her pack which I called. The operator said he would get someone to call me back. Lucy was stressing out because she didn't want to go back into hospital. 

10 minutes after my call there was a knock at the door and it was a district nurse. She'd been seeing someone in the next street when my call had come through so she came straight around. She replaced the catheter and Lucy immediately filled the bag she was so desperate. I can't imagine how painful it must be to want to pee and not be able to. 

We've had no further problems until last night when the catheter bag kept coming un attached during the night. So we changed the bag and are keeping our fingers crossed. 

It looks like the bag is here to stay for now but we don't know why? I'm going to buy her some bag covers for going out to try and help her feel a bit more comfortable about it. 

The nurse is also trying to find out from the hospital what is happening. We have had no results from her urodynamic testing and she should have been for another trial without catheter by now. We don't think that's going to work though, the other night proved that she still can't pee! 

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