Wednesday 3 May 2023

My Girls Enterography or MRE

 On 23rd February Lucy went for her Enterography, or MRE. 

Magnetic resonance enterography is an imaging test that lets your doctor see detailed pictures of your small intestine. It can pinpoint inflammation, bleeding, and other problems. It is also called MR enterography. The test uses a magnetic field to create detailed images of your organs. A computer analyzes the images.

The results came back that she did not have inflammation or any sign of disease. But she did have a very blocked bowel. 

She is now on 6 doses of Movicol a day until we get to see a colorectal surgeon to see where we go next. 

We have done many dis-impactions in the past. Including one in the hospital last September. It doesn't matter how many times we clear her out, she gets constipated again.

We have still not heard back about the cysts on her spine and whether they are having anything to do with her problems. 

We are once again in limbo until we find out what is going on. In the meantime it's tons of pads and disposable pants because it just keeps coming! 

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